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Hello there,

Remember me? I think the last time I posted on my blog was around 2015, back when this was actually www.douglasharvey.com . Unfortunately, that site and domain have fallen victim to improper backups and lapsed annual renewals – but this one will stick around! I was unable to save the bulk of the content from the old site but I might be able to grab a couple things using the WayBack Machine if anyone is interested (old book reviews, rants, etc). Or perhaps it’s best that all my previous webzone idiocy stays in the past, buried forever under six feet of inconvenience.

The future goal for this site is to be a resource for not only my creative productivity but also a place where I can express my infrequent meanderings on life and my mental health and all the other borderline useless things I’d like to say. Hopefully this won’t become an ammo belt for future enemies to reach into and fire the wet, sticky, mildly irritating bullets of Cancel Culture at my face.

But then again, maybe that’s inevitable. I have a hard time shutting my mouth.



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