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Dreamtide (2022)

Dreamtide (2022) [Excerpt]

Fiction – Fantasy Adventure | 276 pages

Captain-Lord Vigium has long been severed from his now-extinct race. Once a man born with the arcane faculty to sail the Seas of Time, he is now but a simple seafarer locked to two locations and nothing more. A man with no face has approached the captain with only the promise of intrigue to pay his journey’s outlay. He speaks of a lofty cosmic mission he has destined unto himself and, with a bevy of unsavory implications as to the truths of the universe itself, that intrigue alone wins him his desperate ferry. But those who have been keeping tally of Vigium’s temporal larcenies are closing in fast, and they intend to collect what they are owed.

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A Psycho’s Breakfast (2018)

A Psycho’s Breakfast (2018) [Excerpts]

Fiction – Tragicomedy | 434 pages

Page Sayvor, a serial killer of minor note, reflects on his life as he comes to terms with the man he’s become. As he cooks and serves up a hearty breakfast for his final victim – the only man he’s ever set out to kill – Page begins to realize that despite the myriad poisonous contradictions and obsessions in his brain, perhaps he never really was a psychopath after all.

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Butler (2012)

Fiction – Suspense Thriller | 103 pages

Two years have passed since Evangeline Sterling first encountered the vile Sheldon Butler and crippled him for life. But Butler is still on the prowl, hiding at his family’s old lake house, and he will stop at nothing to get back in the game with City Council candidate Ivan Roth. (A prequel novella to Shattered Graves)

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Shattered Graves (2012)

Fiction – Mystery Thriller | 443 pages

Finding all records of their very existence wiped away, Carmine Graves sets out to locate and retrieve his missing wife and daughter from the clutches of a mysterious villain known only as The Crimson Hessian. Along the way he allies himself with a cold and calculating police detective and the daughter of a powerful but corrupt city Councilman. Without proper police assistance, Carmine becomes a vigilante and soon finds himself thrust into the heart of a deadly conspiracy to abduct the Councilman’s enemies and wipe them from the face of the Earth. As Carmine begins to put together the clues surrounding his family’s disappearance he realizes that they may have fallen victim to the very conspiracy he is unknowingly fueling with his investigations.

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